EcoSmart Mosquito FoggerMost commercially produced pesticides can be effective but have many usage restrictions and harmful effects to humans and the environment. Common insecticides used for foggers usually come with warning signs or labels which read says something like how it could be toxic around children, pets, and fish. Aside from these harmful effects, most common insecticides leave a bad smell and are not allowed to be used around areas where food is prepared.

With these restrictions and side effects in mind, many have switched to using organic insecticides for their mosquito foggers. [pullquote]One of the most effective organic products for use with foggers is AG Organics’ Eco Smart Mosquito Fogger.[/pullquote]

Eco Smart uses only organic ingredients from its base, up to its propellant. Some of the main ingredients of the products are peppermint oil, rosemary oil, Geraniol, and Carbon Dioxide. Not only are these ingredients natural, they also target specific types of brain receptors found only in invertebrates. It has been found that Eco Smart Mosquito Fogger can effectively control mosquitoes, and other common pests, right on contact or within 20 seconds of spraying. It is recommended for use with fogging machines because it can cover a large area at the least amount of time.

Eco Smart Mosquito Fogger is efficient, effective, and will quickly kill mosquitoes without posing a health risk to you, your family members, pets, and even the fish you keep in your pond. It is safe, non-toxic, and uses environmentally-friendly ingredients which is a definite plus when you are concerned about other living things hanging around your yard.

While commercially produced pesticides are just as effective, they can become ineffective overtime. Some insects can develop certain immunities to chemicals as time passes. But with organic chemicals such as ones found in the Eco Smart product, you can effectively control mosquitoes in your property without the risk of health issues arising from intoxication or contamination.

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