Mosquitoes are threatening the health of our family members and children because these insects are the carriers of diseases like malaria and dengue fever that sometimes have fatal complications. [pullquote]The diseases that these bloodsucking insects carry are passed on to the human population through their process of feeding – the bite.[/pullquote]

There is a system in eliminating and getting rid of these harmful bloodsucking insects. The system includes 4 easy steps that you may follow and have an idea where to begin in order to kill or drive away mosquitos.

Anti-Mosquito Protocol


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Environmentally sound biological mosquito control

Mosquito Dunks

The main breeding spots for mosquitos are clean, stagnant waters. These breeding grounds for skeeters are commonly found in our homes and without our knowledge, they are multiplying rapidly. These areas include flower pots, bird baths and large areas of stagnant water in your backyard.

If you want to be guaranteed with the Mosquito Bits – Kill Mosquitoes, I advise that you use mosquito larvicides or those chemicals that kill mosquito larvae to prevent them from reaching maturity and being able to bite. These chemicals are mixed and placed in areas where there is stagnant water or a possible mosquito breeding ground.

Mosquito repellent, DSC 3145

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Basically, this includes driving away and killing the harmful insect. This process includes the use of electrical repellent machines that trick the mosquitoes. The machine is placed distant from the user’s home and when plugged or turned on, it releases carbon dioxide and mosquito attractants that “fool” the insects of the presence of a human being or an animal that they can victimize. In the end, the mosquitoes themselves become the victims.


Keep the mosquitoes from entering your homes in a long period of time. This process is very efficient because it provides immediate and long lasting effect. This process is also known as backyard misting wherein a chemical is being “misted” in your backyard that kills and repels mosquitoes in an instant. This step is very effective when there are too many mosquitoes that are present in your area.

Yard with mosquito, Repellents

Yard with mosquito, Repellents—fairfaxcounty (


This process is putting a barrier on your yard. It is just like a huge wall with a sign that says: “NO MOSQUITOES ALLOWED”. If the bloodsucking pests cannot penetrate your home, then they will be unable to bite and harm you. Spraying a mosquito barrier in your lawn or backyard where grass or weed is abundant is being suggested by this step.

Why in areas with grass or weed? Study shows that mosquitoes like to rest in areas where grass and weed are abundant. By spraying a barrier in their resting place, the mosquitoes which survive previous elimination processes are forced to flee and are no longer able to go near your barrier, thus keeping them literally away from you and your family. By doing such methods of anti-mosquito protocol, you are saving your family’s health.

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