Famous billionaire Bill Gates is known for providing grants to scientists from different parts of the world to finance research for prevention or cure of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. However, not all of his charitable works have been accepted smoothly by the public.

In 2011, Bill Gates surprised people in an interview with CNN as he talked passionately about the great benefit and potential of human de-population. This was followed by a statement on how forced vaccination through genetically modified mosquitoes can help third world countries.

The Microsoft founder defended his statement by saying the best way to improve global health is by means of exploring largely unproven and bold ways. [pullquote]The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation has provided $100 million to a project directed to transcend the current scientific paradigm.[/pullquote]

President of global health at the Gates Foundation, Tachi Yamada said that this program can serve as a venue for people with transformational ideas. He further added that the program only aims to test the potential of new approaches for the benefit of mankind.

The Gates Foundation has awarded 104 grants to about 4,000 proposals. Among the recipients include non-government organizations, government agencies, universities, private companies, and organizations.

Among these brilliant proposals is to turn mosquitoes into flying syringes. These insects that normally transmit diseases are thought to be effective means of transferring vaccines to humans through their bite. This novel idea has raised interest among the members of the scientific community while leaving the rest of the population doubtful of its benefits.

The Gates Foundation has gained followers and critics for their innovative scientific approach. Founded in 1994, the Foundation with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington is currently known as the largest philanthropic organization in the world.

The Foundation’s far reaching influence has alarmed people because of its implications in many areas including the ecological balance, global health, and human rights. The fact that this experimentation is intended for the third world countries has also raised concerns about the same operation of immunity.

Bill Gates’ dream of eradicating diseases is a bold concept influenced by Thomas Malthus’ demographic theories. Based on this theory, subsistence translates to growth of population, which eventually results to misery.

In other words, the goal is to find cure to help people who are suffering from diseases that are still considered incurable particularly in overpopulated third world countries. However, the method of finding answers has been dubbed as unethical in different levels. Where this venture is heading is a story that will definitely go down to history.

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