Our health is the most precious treasure we have, next of course to our family’s own health. But throughout our lives, we come across many things that threaten the health of our family and our own. Dangers are everywhere, whether you are at home, outdoors, or at your workplace. One such danger is mosquitoes. While malaria has been eradicated in certain parts of the world, there are places where it is still an epidemic. And while it may no longer be a threat to you and your community, mosquito bites can still cause nasty effects. That being said mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus, Dengue, Chikungunya are emerging infectious diseases that we need to be prepared for and the best way to do that is with the help of a mosquito net canopy.

[pullquote]One way you can shield yourself from mosquitoes at home is by using a mosquito net canopy. [/pullquote]This article will show you how you can make your own mosquito net canopy which you can use to shield you from mosquitoes as you sleep soundly in your bed.


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You’ll need a few things to get you started on your canopy. First of all, you’ll need a large piece of mosquito net (big enough to cover your entire bed from the ceiling). You will also need a pair of scissors, tape measure, screw driver, and a little skill at sewing and handling a screw driver. You’ll need to gather these first.

Measure the area you need to cover with your canopy. Your canopy must extend from as high as the ceiling of your room, down to about a foot of the floor to make sure that your bed is completely covered and no mosquito can enter.

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Once you’ve taken measurements, cut your mosquito net into size and sew them together. After putting the pieces together, lay it flat on the floor and find the center. The center will be the part where you’ll mount the net to the ceiling.

After finding the center of your canopy, sew the edges to avoid fraying. Find a tough material which you can use to connect the net to the ceiling. After attaching it to your net, you can now mount it on a ceiling with a screw-on hook. Once your net is mounted, make final adjustments to fine-tune the fit of your new canopy to your bed.

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