You can get rid of mosquitoes without having to use toxic insecticides. It’s simple—you go organic.
Organic mosquito controls are more commonly used in farms to ensure the health and safety of its animals and workers. But you can still use them in your home, and you should, as an alternative to insecticides. [pullquote]Natural mosquito control and fly traps are ideal everywhere because they are essentially harmless to our health, but very effective in controlling the mosquito population.[/pullquote] To get rid of mosquitoes in your property, the first thing you should do is to drain any standing or stagnant water that may have collected outside from the rain. Take note that mosquito larvae can subsist in even the tiniest amount of water, so check the cracks and corners of your area for these potential breeding sites.

Environmentally sound biological mosquito control

Mosquito Dunks

If you have stagnant water that you do not want to drain such as ponds, you can add Mosquito Bt Floating Donuts such as Mosquito Dunks into the water. They are biological mosquito controls that contain bacteria that kill mosquitoes, but are harmless to other species. A single MosquitoDunk Bt donut can be used for 100 square feet of water surface. Leave it in the water for a thirty-day period.

Mosquito traps, CDC Miniature Light Traps

Mosquito traps, CDC Miniature Light Traps—fairfaxcounty (

If you really want to go for a more natural way of controlling the mosquito population in your property, lure in some bats by building bat houses. Bats feed on mosquitoes, killing millions of them during peak mosquito seasons like spring and summer. Now that you’ve got a couple of handy natural mosquito control solutions for your backyard, what about the mosquitoes that get in your property from other yards? An effective mosquito repellent is the Mosquito Barrier. It is a garlicky garden spray that drives away mosquitoes because of its strong smell. Ticks and fleas also flee from the Mosquito Barrier. Spray it on possible entry points like the plants near fences to keep mosquitoes from other yards away. The Mosquito Barrier is safe around children and animals.

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