Perhaps you have already gone through some product reviews but have not yet settled your mind on which particular mosquito trap you should buy. And in your research, you must have come to a conclusion that no best mosquito trap are built the same. Some work well in certain conditions, while others perform better than others given the right circumstances. But before we go through the best ones currently out in the market, it would be helpful to learn how they actually work.


When mosquitoes hunt for a meal, it is usually the females that do all the work. Female mosquitoes use a variety of ways which help them locate their prey or source of blood. Among their arsenal are the following:

  • Antennae –like most insects, mosquitoes have antennae that function as a sort of radar. In mosquitoes, their antennae are especially sensitive to certain chemical odors. A mosquito’s antennae can filter about 340 kinds of odors produced by humans, including octenol which can be found in human sweat.
  • Eyes –a mosquito’s eyes are made up of hundreds of tiny lenses which are designed to detect certain movements. Day biters (mosquitoes which bite during the day) use their eyes more often as daylight helps them distinguish their prey.
  • Maxillary Palpus –this particular body part is located on the head of a mosquito and is believed to function the same way as a thermal sensor. This helps mosquito detect warm-blooded prey and even detect capillaries that are closest to the skin’s surface.

Mosquito traps work by taking advantage of a mosquito’s senses to lure them in and trap them.

 By mimicking their prey through sensory stimuli, mosquito traps are able to attract mosquitoes. This is exactly why some mosquito traps work by producing CO2, octenol, light, and heat. Some natural mosquito traps may even make use of a combination of the said stimuli.

Best Mosquito Trap

Here are four of the top-selling mosquito traps available in the market today. If you are out looking for one, you are most likely to find these lining up your local hardware and home supply store.

  1. Mega-Catch – perhaps the most popular mosquito trap, the Mega-Catch comes in four models: the Alpha, Premier, Premier XC, and the Ultra. These mosquito traps work by combining different methods of attracting mosquitoes. With multiple attractants, it can also run safely on 12-volts of power. It also makes use of a combination of infrared heat and fragrance attractants to target multiple species of mosquitoes.
  2. Mosquito Magnet – this brand has a few models lined up: the Executive, Independence, and Patriot. While their earlier models garnered poor reviews, their current line consists of many great features that a lot of consumers find to be a great improvement. Their mosquito traps also use a variety of attractants which consist of CO2, fragrances, and are powered by electricity from a plug or batteries.
  3. Koolatron –currently this company also has three models lined up in shelves: the Guardian MK12, MK05, and the cordless MK14. All of their models make use of propane, octenol, heat and lighting arrays to attract mosquitoes and is powered by electricity.
  4. Dragonfly – with just one model in the market, Dragonfly is still among the best mosquito traps out there. The Dragonfly II Biting Insect Trap is electric-powered and uses CO2 canisters along with night lights and infrared heat. This particular model is even programmable to release certain amounts of CO2 every 5 seconds.

Now that you have knowledge of what’s topping the mosquito trap market today, maybe you can now decide which one best suite your home.

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