When I first heard about this wonderful innovation about mosquito repellents or mosquito trap, I had raised eyebrows because I was having doubts whether it would really work. There are a whole lot of mosquito trap products out there in the market and in the internet that has offers and claims to be very good. I would like to purchase such products but they are just too costly and most people cannot afford or will not get themselves into buying such luxurious mosquito traps.

I have seen a video about a demonstration and instruction of making your very own mosquito trap. A mosquito trap, by the way, is a form of mosquito control that aims to manage the number or population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health and the economy. One more thing about this mosquito trap is that it costs only one dollar. [pullquote]You will have to spend only a dollar or less in making your own mosquito trap and you can keep your family safe from the potential danger that mosquitoes threaten them.[/pullquote]

How Things Work

This mosquito trap that is being shown in the video works in a very simple manner. It sucks in mosquitoes into the mosquito net. The mosquitoes that were sucked in or pulled in are trapped in to the net by or with the use of breeze from the fan until they dry out and die. There are no other chemicals that are being used with this idea and will give you a guarantee that it is safe even to those who have allergies to chemicals or those people who cannot tolerate such. Rather, it makes use simple ideas that are proven to be very beneficial and price wise to everyone.

How To Make One

There are only a few things that are needed to make you very own mosquito trap that will only cost you a dollar or less. These materials that you would need are commonly found in your household. First, you will need a fan. The fan pulls in or sucks the mosquitoes into the net and is also responsible for trapping and killing them with breeze. Second, you will need a card board that I cut like a half circle. Third thing you must have is elastic or rubber bands to keep everything in place. Metal hooks are what you need next and lastly, a mosquito net or tulle cloth and a pair of scissors to cut and make adjustments.

Cut the mosquito net into a rectangle the size of the fine with a few more inches as allowance in length and width. Put in place the half-circle cardboard and make sure it stays in place at the back of the fan. Place the net with it to create something like a turtle shell. Once done, make sure to secure it in place by using a rubber band with metal hooks at the ends and it will be ready for use. In other cases when you place this innovative mosquito trap in areas where it can easily get wet or is exposed to the elements, you can use plastic board instead of card boards.

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