Food, extra clothing, bug repellents, a tent—these are the essential outdoor gear when one goes on a camping trip. The tent, apart from being just camping equipment, is also part of the fun of camping. For many outdoor enthusiasts, setting up a tent is a ritual to be enjoyed. Laying out the groundsheet, connecting the support poles, fastening the stakes to the ground—this essential outdoor skill can take some time to do. And because it takes time, insects such as mosquitoes can enter your tent.

The Sansbug Pop Up Tent will eliminate the possibility of persistent mosquitoes getting inside your tent. With a few simple moves, you can get the tent up and ready.

The Mosquito Net Sansbug Pop Up Tent is a foldable, easy to store, easy to set up tent that is securely closed to keep away bugs and mosquitoes.

Its walls are made up of a breathable mesh fabric similar to a mosquito net. For those who find it difficult to set up a tent, this one is for you. With this kind of tent, you can sleep in the heart of nature without getting exposed to its unwanted elements.

Apart from having this tent as part of your camping gear, mosquito repellents should be a staple in your camping bag as well. While inside your Sansbug Pop Up Tent you are safe, outside is a different story. Mosquitoes and other insects can bite you and spoil all your fun. Applying mosquito repellent is necessary since these blood-suckers carry a handful of diseases. So before you step out of your tent to go fishing or cook smores, protect yourself by using mosquito repellent. The ones that include DEET work best and last up to five hours, but Citronella is just as strong and is a more natural active ingredient.

For a quick demonstration of how the Sansbug Pop Up Tent works, recommends that you watch this video.

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