The Mosquito Fish, or more technically the Gambusia (G. affinis), is a fresh water fish that feeds on mosquito larvae, hence its name. They are very important in the aquarium business as they help clean up fresh water habitats from mosquito larvae.

The Mosquito fish is of small size. They are also quite easy to breed, making them a favorite of many aquarium enthusiasts both for their utility and size. They are also viviparous, which means that they give birth to their young live instead of laying eggs.

Mosquito Fish or Gambusia are always a good addition to any pond. Pond owners who have a mosquito problem in their areas can introduce the Mosquito fish to help control the reproduction of mosquitoes. Similarly, neglected pools can also be introduced with Gambusia to wipe out the mosquito larvae that are sure to be thriving in the water.

Mosquitofish, P1160188Ev1-mosquito-larvae [pullquote]In Bergen County in Hacketstown, the Mosquito Commission applied this solution to the growing population of mosquitoes in the community. [/pullquote] During the spring and summer, the town noticed too many mosquitoes thriving in their area. The rains during these seasons left plenty of breeding grounds. With a rising number of foreclosures, many neglected houses had swimming pools that have long been out of use. These pools collect water during rain, providing another ideal place for mosquito larvae. The Commission then introduced Mosquito fish in these pools, as well as in ponds all around the town. There was a noticeable improvement in the town’s mosquito situation, lessening the health risks of the community’s inhabitants. It was safe, friendly to the environment, and it removed the need for insecticides (which would have required a large amount due to the large number of mosquitoes around).

Introducing Mosquito fish or Gambusia in your pond is a great way to prevent mosquitoes from swarming in your area.

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