A mosquito bite treatment can be painful at times. They can also cause a lot of discomfort depending on how severe the allergic reaction is, or how poorly it has been treated. But how does a person get an allergic reaction to mosquitoes? And how can it be treated?

Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood from its host. And when a female mosquito bites, it releases proteins along with its saliva which stops the blood from coagulating. These proteins can then, at times, trigger certain reactions in the human body with varying degrees of severity.

The usual red, itchy bump is what we’re used to seeing and feeling when we are bitten by mosquitoes. Over time, as we get bitten, we sometimes develop immunity and mosquito bites tend to not itch as bad as the last one. This is not exactly an allergic reaction. Mosquito allergy is reserved for the more adverse reactions by the human body which some people may exhibit.

Mosquito bite allergies may start out to be a small itchy bump, but can sometimes have a delayed allergic reaction which can manifest hours or perhaps overnight from the bite itself. The allergic reaction includes a larger area of swelling, bruising, and even a blistering rash on and around the area of the bite. If you experience this kind of reaction to a mosquito bite, it is an example of a mosquito bite allergy or “skeeter syndrome.” While this is typical of the skeeter syndrome, more adverse (even life-threatening) reactions include anaphylactic shock, urticaria and angioedema, or a severe asthma attack.

As for treatment, if you experience the worst end of a mosquito allergy, never go without emergency medicine when going to places where there are mosquitoes. [pullquote]Anti-allergy shots should always be included in your first-aid in such cases.[/pullquote]

For less severe reactions, prevention is perhaps your best option. When going to places where there are threats of mosquitoes, or during the summer periods when mosquito populations explode, always carry around with you a bottle of mosquito repellent. If you are just at home, you can opt to have some areas of your home sprayed with pesticides.

Also, make sure your surroundings are clean and properly irrigated. Stagnant waters around your home should be drained or covered to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing in them.

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