So what are the ways in which we can keep mosquitoes away from your home and backyard?

Citronella mucronata Icacinaceae

Citronella mucronata Icacinaceae—Pato Novoa (

Before you go out to your garden, protect yourself by applying these effective home remedies against mosquitoes.

  1. Citronella
    Many mosquito repellents use citronella as an active ingredient. Some mosquito repellent candles are also made of citronella, and there are citronella oils available to be rubbed on the skin to keep mosquitoes away. Citronella can be found in lemongrass, so it’s completely natural, unlike many commercial mosquito repellents that have DEET. Before you go outside, rub citronella oil on your skin to provide protection from mosquito bites.
  2. Oils
    This is another trick to keep mosquitoes away and not many people have discovered its effectiveness. Using any type of oil, such as olive oil or vegetable oil, can act as protection against mosquitoes.

    Olive Oil Bottle

    Olive Oil Bottle—kanshiketsu (

    They seem to drive mosquitoes away from you if you rub the oil all over your skin. The effect will last up to an hour or two. When you go out to work your garden, apply vegetable oil or olive oil on the exposed parts of your skin to leave yourself untouched by mosquitoes. They’re also good for your skin, so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

  3. Herbs
    Apart from being excellent seasonings for your cooking, herbs are also potent mosquito repellents. Herbs such as mint and thyme contain essential oils that drive mosquitoes away. Rubbing the leaves on your skin is one way to protect yourself.

    Herbs, Herb Collage

    Herbs, Herb Collage—alice henneman (

    But you can make a little herb infused spray that works just as well. Allow some mint or thyme leaves to soak in water and leave it for a couple of days. Then strain out the herb infused water and place it in a spray bottle. You can spray the water on mosquito prone areas in your garden and on your skin for added protection.

  4. Garlic
    This trick goes way back to the Medieval Age where a lot of folks used garlic to drive away mosquitoes; they put garlic cloves between their toes before they slept. This may hold a lot of truth in it since scientific research has found that people who like to eat garlic don’t get bothered by mosquitoes as much as other people. A natural garden spray such as MosquitoBarrier has a garlicky smell that effectively repels mosquitoes. If you’re one who is prone to mosquito bites, maybe it’s time to eat more garlic!
Mosquito Mister Lantern

Mosquito Mister Lantern

Aside from these home remedies to protect yourself from getting bitten, you can also get rid of their presence in your home altogether.

Again, the most important thing to do is to throw away any standing water.

Keep your garbage bins lidded at all times. Don’t overwater your garden so as not to create pools where mosquito larvae can subsists.

To keep misquotes from entering your home, check for any holes in your ventilation. Seal off your windows with screens. You can also add a pot of lemongrass at your doorway or any possible entry points for mosquitoes.

We at hope that this article was helpful. We recommend that you watch this video as a supplement on how to keep mosquitoes away from your home and backyard

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