Dining al fresco is a great way to enjoy your food. Sometimes, some of the best dishes are best taken in with the sights, and sounds of the outdoors. However, a pleasant dining experience can be shattered with the presence of mosquitoes and gnats. But how to get rid of mosquitoes on patios anyway?

If you are a restaurant owner and have dining areas outdoors, you may want to pay close attention. Because your customers may want to enjoy their food with the fresh air in your patio, it is important to keep their experience pleasant without putting them at risk of mosquito bites. Here is how you can get rid of those nasty insects from your patios.

First of all, because patios are also dining areas, keep in mind that most commercial pesticides are not allowed for use in areas where food is prepared or consumed. This is because synthetic chemicals are toxic or leave behind residue that has many harmful effects on the human body. So naturally, the best option is an organic insecticide that uses all-natural ingredients.

Most patios are usually small or can only fit a few people. Thus, it would not take a ridiculous amount of pesticide to cover such area. What you can do to eliminate mosquitoes in such small areas is to use a liquid-based organic pesticide which you can spray in and around the patio area. A gallon of organic spray will usually do the trick on regular-sized patios.

When spraying your patio with your selected organic pesticide, make sure to cover the entire area. Areas between bricks, under brush and bushes, or other areas where mosquitoes might hide should be thoroughly sprayed. You can do this initially by spraying every other day for about a week. After the first week, you can tone it down to twice every seven days, and then about once a week for the rest of the mosquito season.

AllergicToMosquitoBites.com recommends that you watch this video as a supplement to this article. This video will elaborate further on how to get rid of mosquitoes on patios.

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