Tired of mosquito bites? Get repellents. Don’t like the odor of mosquito repellents? Purchase an electronic mosquito repellent. Yes, electronic. When we say or mention the term “ELECTRONIC”, we often picture in mind that it is high-tech and is basically powered by electricity. Both are applicable for this new innovation in mosquito and bloodsucking insect repellent system. No hassle, no odor and most of all, you are protected 24 hours a day in a long period of time.


Mosquito—Gamma Man (Flickr.com)

Harm of a Mosquito Bite

Mosquito bites are very itchy and cause redness and irritation in the human skin. Only female mosquitos are feeding on blood. They need this blood in order for them to multiply, in other words, lay eggs – thousands of eggs that will eventually mature into full-grown mosquitos. A mosquito bite is also harmful for the human body. Mosquitoes are carriers of dreadful diseases like the West Nile virusdengue and malaria. These diseases when left untreated can have fatal outcomes and complications. Some people also have allergic responses from a mosquito bite which may also lead to death if not cared for and cured immediately.

Keeping the Bloodsuckers Away

[pullquote]The new electronic mosquito repellents in the market nowadays are very useful in keeping mosquitoes from entering your homes, and it is not just within the comfort of your home that these high-tech repellents can be applicable. [/pullquote]There are designs which are very small, weighs very lightly and can be carried around with you – a petite version. One more thing, you do not get to wipe and apply stinking repellent lotion in your body or spray harmful chemicals that your family members and kids can inhale directly. It’s totally safe.

Foolish Attraction is Deadly

The electronic mosquito repellent works in a very simple manner. The machine, when plugged to an electrical source, releases carbon dioxide and some attractants. The tendency of mosquitoes and insects when they inhale or smell carbon dioxide is to think that they are smelling humans and animals and they would be driven to the direction where it is coming from. The machine then pushes or rather blows them downwards to a bowl of water where the mosquitoes will eventually drown to death. This will keep mosquitoes away from you, your home, kids and family members. This will keep them from being in contact with your loved ones and prevent diseases that these insects carry with them that gets passed on to you or anyone close to you with just a single bite.

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