There are certain conditions where mosquitoes thrive and reproduce by the thousands. There may be a source of standing water nearby where they can lay their eggs. Another condition is that creatures that feed on mosquitoes are probably not that many in the area for some reason, which would have been a natural form of population control on mosquitoes and other bugs. Or maybe you live in an area near wetlands where mosquitoes can procreate and thrive.

Now you’re faced with the problem of so many mosquitoes that pesticide is probably the first solution you had in mind. This time,DIY mosquito control must be done. [pullquote]You don’t need to expose yourself to the toxic effects of pesticide, though, since there is a pesticide-free solution that is perfectly effective in DIY mosquito control methods.[/pullquote]

What you will need: 250-watt power source, a big fan (Max Air Flow 24”), a screen (typical for windows or storm doors), and at least 4 strong magnets

This is how the set-up will basically work: the big fan is fitted with a screen at the back. The strength of its sucking power will trap the mosquito on the surface of the screen.

Fan Box

Fan Box

The first step is to have a big fan with a box-like frame such as the Max Air Flow which is as wide as 24 inches. It’s box-like structure is important for the fitting of the screen. The screen can be a typical wire screen that is usually used on windows. It is then used to cover the back of the fan to create a sort of filter on which the mosquitoes will be stuck as the fan sucks air. To secure the attachment of the screen, use strong magnets to hold them against the body of the fan. When you’re sure that everything is ready, take your fan set-up outside to the mosquito hotspot. Make sure the fan is plugged into a 250-watt power source which can support the power intake of the large fan.

Leave the set-up on the area where the mosquitoes are most plentiful. Ideally, you can leave it overnight. The next morning you’ll be sure to find thousands of mosquitoes stuck to the screen. But remember that they aren’t dead yet—they’re just stuck to the screen and unable to fly. To kill them, take isopropyl alcohol and mix it with an equal part of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it all over the mosquitoes stuck at the back of the fan.

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